Bartender Buddha

Joelle Noujaim of Chowder Pot in Hartford. (Melissa Byron photo / May 30, 2013)

Joelle Noujaim
Found at: Chowder Pot (Hartford)


What drinks are worth the splurge?

Raspberry Truffle martini; it's our house-made specialty. I like it because it has an even taste to it. It's $9 but totally worth it.

What three bottles can't you part with?

Stoli vodka, Pama liqueur and Jeremiah Weed sweet tea; these are used most often here and I think they have the smoothest taste to them.

What wines do you recommend as we move into summer?

I recommend Starborough Sauvignon Blanc. It's from New Zealand. It's crisp, cold and pairs very well with seafood and white fish.

Who are your pickiest customers?

Elderly women are picky. They are so cute and they know exactly what they want and they want it right away. They don't want olives, they want lemons and they will repeat themselves numerous times.