Bartender Buddha

Heather Kane, bartender at The Electric Co. in downtown Hartford. (Melissa Byron photo / May 22, 2013)

Heather Kane
found at: The Electric Co (Hartford)


What's the best night to come to your bar?

Thursday night, because I work. It's a solid crowd that's been building. We have a great DJ that comes in from New Jersey and plays all types of rock and roll. It's not the typical college scene here. People come in and order cocktails. They chill in our downstairs lounge.

Pickiest customer you've ever had?

There is a woman, at the bar I worked at prior to this one, who came in every Thursday and ordered a Belvedere martini with 10 lemons and shaken until it's frothy white. She complained that the drink was not strong enough, even though it was all vodka. Her goal was to get drinks for free.

Best booze for value?

Jameson, definitely. It's $5 a shot. We're a whiskey bar and go through two to three bottles of Jameson a night. I personally love Jameson.

How did you learn to mix drinks?

It started with simple drinks and I just picked it up as I went along. I learned new things every time I worked at a new bar. It came naturally because I bartend a lot. Now I know a lot more about the ingredients in cocktails.