Bartender Buddha

Chantal Distefano of Spice Bar & Grill in Southington. (Melissa Byron photo / May 8, 2013)

Chantal Distefano
Found at: Spice Bar & Grill (Southington)


What cocktails are you making for spring?

I'm making a Loopy Lemonade (Stoli Fruit Loop vodka), which tastes like a watermelon Italian ice. I've had guys take sips of this and they are like "holy crap, what is this?" Everyone loves this drink.

What's the best cocktail name, you've come up with?

Sex with the Captain. It's Captain Morgan, Amaretto, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and orange juice. I just came up with the name a few weeks ago. I make it as a shot, a martini or on the rocks.

What's the best way of becoming a bartender?

I was a waitress that made my own cocktails so that's how I learned and I moved up to bartending. Also it really helps to have a big personality and to make conversation with customers.

What behavior gets someone kicked out of the bar?

Name calling and being extremely rude to other guests or staff is not tolerated. We kick people out because of it. We prefer to nip those obvious behaviors in the bud before anything escalates.