Patricio Cabrera

Patricio Cabrera of Coyote Flaco in Hartford. (Melissa Byron photo / May 2, 2013)

Patricio Cabrera
Found at: Coyote Flaco (Hartford)


Are there different rules or words of wisdom for those partying on Cinco de Mayo?

Bring a designated driver, people lose control.

What type of infusions are you making?

We infuse tequila and red wine and orange juice for our sangria. It's a red sangria; it's made to order fresh, not pre-made. And we add either apples or pineapple.

What's the story behind Cinco de Mayo?

May fifth was one of the big battles when the French were finally kicked out of Mexico. It's celebrated in Mexico with a feast and geared towards the pride of your heritage. In America it's celebrated by drinking. In Mexico, tequila is meant to be enjoyed, it is served in a snifter and sipped. Here, everybody orders shots of it.

So how do you serve it (tequila)?

Anyway people want, mostly in Margaritas. We have 22 brands of tequila. The three varieties are Blanco, Reposado and Anejo. We do flights, so the person can try three different types of tequila.

What's a good Mexican beer?

I love the Negra Modelo. It's a dark refreshing beer with a full body flavor.