Liquor Cabinet

Liquor Cabinet: Ceviche Latin Kitchen

Ceviche Latin Kitchen

Ceviche Latin Kitchen's Latin-fusion menu spotlights lots of exotic flavors, and the bar follows suit - cocktails with rum, tequila, vodka,...

Liquor Cabinet: 50 Elm, Hartford

50 Elm

50 Elm's South American and Caribbean influences shine through in its cocktail menu, with vacation-reminiscent drinks.

Liquor Cabinet: Zingarella


Zingarella Pizzeria and Ice Cream Cafe is a neighborhood favorite serving up delicious Italian food and shaking up creative cocktails both...

Liquor Cabinet: Parallel Post, Trumbull

Parallel Post

Like the food served at Parallel Post in Trumbull, the cocktails are farm-to-shaker--made with fresh, local ingredients. The restaurant even...

Liquor Cabinet: Barley Vine, Bristol

Barley Vine

They're not shaking up your average cocktails at Barley Vine in Bristol. Have you ever had a cocktail made with shrub? It's not what you...

Liquor Cabinet: Union Street Tavern, Windsor

Union Street Tavern

Union Street Tavern offers a little sip of history in Windsor. This long-standing building is now a popular restaurant and watering hole,...

Liquor Cabinet: Besito, West Hartford

Besito, West Hartford

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, four... drinks made with tequila in this Cinco De Mayo liquor cabinet. Recently chosen as Best...



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