Science Center Gets Two New Exhibits: 'Adventures Of Mr. Potato Head' And 'Mindbender Mansion'


Two new family friendly exhibits have opened at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford: "Mindbender Mansion" and "The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head."

At the Mr. Potato Head exhibit, visitors join Commander Mr. Potato Head aboard the S.P.U.D. space station. Children can control their journey from the commander's chair, use the intergalactic translator, explore the galaxy, and conduct experiments at the isolation glove box.

"Mindbender Mansion" includes brainteasers to be solved individually or in groups, and an "Amazing Maze," where visitors work together to tilt a table in different directions, guiding a ball into six holes as quickly as possible.

The two touring exhibits will be on display through Aug. 31 in the Saint Francis Care Traveling Exhibit Gallery on the Science Center's fourth floor. Hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Occasionally the Science Center is open on a Monday, including June 30. General admission is $14 to $19; ages 3 and under and members are free. Information: or 860-SCIENCE.


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