'The Giggling Pig': An Artistic Empire in Shelton

A Shelton woman is creating an artistic empire...inspired by a happy swine!

“I used to work on a farm in England. My friend owned a pig farm.  That's where the character came from," explains Hannah Perry, author of Picnics & Puddles: The Adventures Of The Giggling Pig & Friends.  "They used to make me laugh all the time - those little pigs running around.”

Perry, a single mom of two kids - ages 4 and 14, wrote the book in 2010 but didn't publish it until last year because her Shelton business took off.  “I have a two thousand square foot art studio now where we teach children of all ages," says Perry, rattling off a list of creative options such as Mommy & Me classes, art enrichment prgrams, birthday parties, corporate events and even an upcoming summer camp.  “We have outside space as well which makes it really wonderful in the spring and summer for the kids to be able to do Jackson Pollock-type stuff outside.”  She offers after-school programs in eleven communities, including Milford and Southport.  Perry also conducts workshops at assisted living facilities and libraries.

Perry prides herself on positivity, cultivating a happy environment for her clients and employees, some with special needs.  Her story inspires others.  “I started this as a single mom with no money in my pocket," says this former au pair who came to America with twenty dollars to her name.  “I followed my dream and put my heart and soul into it.”

Passionate about drawing, she is writing and illustrating a second Giggling Pig book right now - with plans for a series.

“It’s been really hard but I feel like this has grounded me and it’s the best I’ve ever felt….I feel like I belong somewhere," says Perry.  “I love what I do.”

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