Why I Didn't Post First-Day-of-School Pictures

I’ve got years’ worth of photos taken at the bus stop with various neighborhood kids holding up fingers representing the grade they were entering. I’ve got the new clothes/new backpack/fresh haircut/nametag picture of all three of my boys on their first days of kindergarten. I even have pictures of each of them on the blacktop at school during the first day welcoming ceremony. (I apparently had some separation issues for a few years.)

But this year? Nada.

My kids have become more opposed to my taking their picture than to my holding their hands at the mall and calling them “sweetie” in front of their friends. It’s that bad.

I’m not exactly sure what the problem is with the pictures, but I have a feeling it has something to do with Facebook or maybe the fact that I write a parenting blog and they are my most frequent subjects. I get it, but I'm a mom and I'd appreciate being able to photograph my own kids without eye rolling and hands covering the face.

My middle dude/high school freshman was supposed to donate his hair to Locks of Love last week (but changed his mind at the last minute.) A week before the hair appointment he said in a deep, scary voice “Mom, can you please NOT take pictures and make a big deal out of it?”

I’ve pretty much given in to their photography aversion, because I know that a forced photo session will never give good results. So instead of having some recent, decent shots of them on my phone I can share with friends over lunch, I zoom in on group pictures that they allowed someone else to take -- someone who, like I’m going right now, didn’t make a big deal out of it and blog about them without permission.

Sorry, sweetie. Have a great day! Look both ways! I love you!

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