'Walking With Dinosaurs': A Mommy Minute Movie Review

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The "vacation of the movies" is ending today, as long as the impending storm doesn't cancel school!

We saw Frozen, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and Walking With Dinosaurs over the past two weeks.

The first two films were fairly predictable.  Frozen provided good, family entertainment, reminding us a lot of Tangled.  Hobbit 2 was somewhat long and violent but satisfying, as we have read the book together and enjoyed seeing the words come to life onscreen.

But, I was most curious to check out Walking With Dinosaurs, the movie that spawned from the success of a live-action arena show that toured the globe, delighting audiences everywhere with animatronic beasts.  We had seen the spectacle twice, when the boys were deep into the dino phase, and we really loved it.

Well, the film is only OK.  Taking place during the Cretaceous Period, 70 million years ago, the story follows Patchi, a young Pachyrhinosaurus, through life's challenges, such as losing his parent, facing predators, becoming caught in a wildfire and enduring a grueling migration.  Actor Justin Long provides the voice for Patchi, while comedian John Leguizamo gives the audience some chuckles as the film's narrator, a pre-historic bird named Alex.

The visuals, a mix of animation and actual vistas of New Zealand and Alaska, are impressive but the plot plods along, plagued by unexpected potty humor and uninspired storytelling.

Our 8 year old seemed to like the movie better than his 10 year old brother...but, it wasn't a horrible experience.  A night at the movies is always pretty fun.

Last word: "Walking With Dinosaurs" provides a tolerable hour and a half at the cinema, if you want to get the kids out of the house this winter.  But, the live show is much more exciting and vibrant.


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