To Peek or Not to Peek

I was one of those rare expectant mothers who did not want to know the gender of any of my babies until they were born. Because ultrasounds are standard now for all pregnancies, we’re given the opportunity at least once to learn our unborn baby’s sex.

I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t want to know. I guess I wanted at least one genuine surprise in my life. But by the third son, I just assumed that he’d be a boy, and that none of my awesome girl name choices would ever get used.

This Huffington Post writer gives some pretty good reasons for not finding out before the baby is born. My favorite is this:

If you have a boy, people will buy you a ton of blue shit with footballs and baseballs on them. If you have a girl, I guarantee you it will look like Barbie and the Pink Panther butchered each other, and your nursery now runs pink with their blood.

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