The Great Closet Clean Out: Prom Dress Donation

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Prom Dress Donation

Prom Dress Donation (Sarah Cody / January 31, 2014)

I am knee-deep in the midst of the Great Closet Clean Out.

Sorting, bagging, purging.

It feels good.

Thanks to my parents move out of the house I grew up in, I found myself in possession of my actual prom dresses circa 1990, 1991.  All I can say is:  EEEK.  I won't ever wear hot pink taffeta again...but, some other fine young gal just might.

So, I Googled "CT Prom Dress Donation" and came up with a web site called Donate My Dress.

Here, I could look by state for organizations that accept used prom dresses.

In Connecticut, I found Princess & The Prom, as well as Project Hope CT.

I have already boxed up the dresses, along with some bridesmaid frocks that should find new uses, as well.

Seems to be a good time to make prom dress donations, as girls will be looking for gowns in the spring.

Good luck...and pass along names of other worthy organizations!

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