Postpartum Depression: Erasing the Stigma

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Katherine Stone

Katherine Stone founded the nonprofit Postpartum Progress to raise awareness about Postpartum Depression (Katherine Stone / July 10, 2014)

If I had to pick one word to describe the experience of welcoming a new baby, it would have to be overwhelming.  But as moms know, there's not a"one size fits all" when it comes to parenting.  I still remember the range of emotions I felt when my first daughter was born, pure joy, unconditional love and even fear.  I remember thinking, "how can I take care of her?  The hospital is going to let me leave with this precious new baby?  What if I don't know what to do when she cries?"  I also balled my eyes out thanking the nurses and doctor for helping me through my labor on the way out.  "What's happening to me", they smiled and said, "hormones, it's normal."  But, I think it's hard to distinguish what's "normal" when every moms birth and postpartum experience is so different.  That's why I was surprised to read about the symptoms of postpartum depression in this story.  The mom who was featured, Katherine Stone, explained how there's not one red flag, but in fact, many.  I was impressed with her courage and how she responded to her diagnosis.  Katherine started a blog and eventually a successful nonprofit to erase the stigma behind postpartum depression.  I hope that by reposting her story and providing the link to her website, new moms won't be afraid to reach out and ask for help. 



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