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Family Fun
Family Fun

My Son Just Started Texting...And I Like It

I am the mom who flags articles like this one, detailing a new study that shows many parents basically pay more attention to their smart phones than their kids during dinner. 

I am the mom who loses sleep over the question, "Can I get an iPod for Christmas?" from my 10 year old son.

There are times when our modern-day reliance on technology really worries me.

Well, with nervous rules and regulations, Santa delivered the coveted gadget with trepidation on that chilly winter morning. 

While it has limited internet and texting ability, guess what?  We rigged it so he can message Mom...and, surprisingly, I like it.

Most of our exchanges have taken place on the afternoons that I'm still at work when my sons arrive home from school with a sitter.  A basic, "Hello.  My day was good," helps us "connect" when we're not together.  And, some of his texts simply give me a smile.  They really make me notice his grown-up spelling, phrasing and grammar....his ability to be witty in a sentence or two.  I'm used to phone calls, of course.  But, texting allows me to see him in a different way...and it's good. 

This mom's similar post on HuffPo Parenting made me laugh (especially "NDID"...I might need to steal that one.)  But, it also points out how helpful texting can be when the kids get older and are driving or need us to rescue them from an uncomfortable situation.

What do you think?

Do you text with your kids?

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