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Family Fun
Family Fun

'Music Together': Sing With Your Child Month!

"Hello Everybody, so glad to see you...."I hear those that particular tune...and I'm instantly brought back to my boys' toddler days...when our mornings were spent in a circle, singing and dancing with our little friends.Those memories are courtesy of Music Together, a childhood music program that emphasizes adult involvement.  This wonderful group is celebrating National Sing With Your Child Month with a concert on Saturday, March 29th at 10am at Grace Church in Old Saybrook.  Families are encouraged to donate $10.00 which will benefit CT Shoreline Soup Kitchen, Common Good Gardens.Also, here are some tips for parents to make family music-making a part of every day life from early childhood music educator and Music Together Center Director, Jessica Nevins:

  • Sing. It sounds simple and it is. Recorded music is awesome, but the act of you singing is more powerful. You are your child's most important role model. Sing and they will too. When they start to explore vocally, try singing back what you hear to validate their process.
  • Dance. Feel music together. Rock, sway, bounce. Get your endorphins flowing. These joyful memories that you are making will last a lifetime.
  • Play with music. Dance with a scarf, peek a boo to the beat. Your baby is a natural scientific explorer soaking in her environment. Discover the joy of making music together.

Have fun...singing and dancing your way through the weekend!

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