'Monsters University': A Mommy Minute Movie Review

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I'm a sucker for nostalgia.  And, for that reason, I really liked Monsters University.

It was great to spend time with James Sullivan and Mike Wazowski again, during this prequel to the 2001 hit, Monsters, Inc.  Billy Crystal and John Goodman have great chemistry, even when embodied by one-eyed, fuzzy creatures, and it's great to expose kids to their genuine humor.  (My husband and I shared the biggest laugh when Crystal's character was snuggling with his friend's furry arm, fast asleep:  "I know you're a fancy princess," he murmured, in a dream state.  "And, I am just a lowly stable boy.")

For me, though, the nostalgia also continued with the clever college-theme of this Disney Pixar movie.  Sulley and Mike navigate the murky waters of the party scene, fraternity competition and class assignments.  The film culminates with the frats duking it out during The Scare Games (Hunger Games, anyone?) and, I have to say, the 3D action was pretty awesome.  My son was literally on the edge of his seat.

My only negative comment is this, and it may make me sound extremely conservative: I was surprised at the G rating.  Sure, Sulley and Mike are harmless, funny monsters with a neat story line.  But, the final chapter of the film is a little intense.  The monstrous friends get stuck behind one of the "doors" into the human world and end-up running for their lives...as they scratch, loudly ROAR and scare their way into an escape.  For most kids, this action will be 100% fine...but, I would prepare the little ones for some really noisy confusion.  Even my 7 year old held his hands over his ears for awhile.

In the end, this movie teaches kids some valuable lessons about working hard, reaching for goals and recognizing our individual strengths.

It's always fun to head to a good flick after the last day of school (remember Toy Story 3?)...and this is a good, family film that everyone will enjoy.

Did you see Monsters University?  What did you think?

Can't wait for Despicable Me 2, Turbo and Planes!

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