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Family Fun

Managing the Modern-Day Pull of Technology

We all remember this brutally honest blog post, by Jennifer Meer, a contributor to the Huffington Post, called "Distracted Living".  This West Hartford mother admits to responding to a "ping" on her computer and answering an email while her daughter was in the tub.  When she returned to the bathroom, the little girl had fallen asleep and almost drowned.  It struck a chord with all of us moms...because, we could understand.  The tug of social media, email, constant calls and texts is around us everyday and is sometimes difficult to shut out...even when we're with our kids.

That's why this article from Real Simple Magazine - called "Tangled Up In Tech" - caught my eye.  Psychologist Sherry Turkle, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), explains why we're so drawn to the screen...and how we can appropriately back away when necessary.

Give it a read...then, share how you "shut down". 

Do you ignore email over weekends?

Put the phone away when you're with your kids?

Ironically, I just received an email about the National Day of Unplugging, scheduled for Friday, March 7th.  We are all encouraged to put down our gadgets for a full 24 hour period.

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