'Going, Going, Gone': A Look at Culture of Kids' Sports

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'Going, Going, Gone': Sports Documentary

'Going, Going, Gone': Sports Documentary (CPTV / January 8, 2014)

*Do we dream of our child becoming a sports star?

*Do we push too hard...too much, too often?

*Are we burning our kids out with specialized teams?

*Do parents have the proper skill - and patience - to coach?

All of these questions are brought up in CPTV's recent documentary, "Going, Going, Gone: The Changing and Often Controversial World of Youth Sports in Connecticut."  This fascinating piece is an important watch for us parents with kids who love sports.

Certainly, sporting events bring communities together and give youngsters a healthy outlet.  "It shows you how to grow up," says a high school athlete, because sports require hard work, like life.  But has our society pushed a pastime too far?  More and more kids are suffering adult injuries on the playing field, requiring surgery.  The focus on "specialized teams" is alienating some children, taking away the fun associated with sports. 

The documentary highlights the landscape at Ansonia High School, where the football team is ranked number one in the state but the academic performance is near the bottom.  Is the mindset in this Connecticut city out of whack?  Or, are the players important leaders and role models in the school community, as stated by the Principal?  

Just as interesting, are the stories of two boys, fully committed to excel in their chosen sports.  Their personal stories and will to succeed are inspiring.  But, do they have enough "unstructured time" in their lives?  Will their dedication pay off?

As a mom of a boy who loves sports, I was riveted to this piece, left with a desire to always keep perspective...put school work first...encourage "downtime"...but also respect his effort and enthusiasm, which will contribute to his future path.

You can watch the entire documentary on this link....and, please, share your thoughts.

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