'Despicable Me 2': A Movie Review!

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Gru is back...and it was worth the wait.

Steve Carell's lovable villain has settled into Dad-mode in 'Despicable Me 2'and the job suits him just fine.  But, when a fetching femaile agent from the 'Anti-Villain League', voiced by Kristen Wiig, enlists our hero to help catch a newfangled bad guy, that's when the action really begins. 

We've got booby traps, eruopting volcanoes, fancy blasters, airborne battles and, yes, a plot to kidnap the beloved Minions and transform them from their yellow state into purple, flesh-eating monsters.  Truthfully, this part bothered my 7 year old.  I could feel his heart racing as I gave him a comforting hug...and he actually said he wanted to leave the theater.  The Minions are so funny and cute...he has a stuffed version at home in his room...and I think he found it troubling that some of his favorite characters became kind of scary.  Spoiler alert!  Once it appeared that everything would return to normal, Ben was OK...and, in the end, he said he really liked the movie anyway.

But, this film really shines when it shows heart, despite all the 3D action sequences.  Gru's relationships with his three adopted daughters, Margo, Edith and Agnes, is extremely sweet and the youngest little girl is as charmingly hysterical as ever.  And, his romance with Lucy, Wiig's character, left me cheering, culminating in the Minions' rendition of "I Swear" by boy band All-4-One, that was so funny, it sent me into a fit of giggles.

My kids really enjoyed the 2 hours...this is a solid, well-thought out follow-up...one that is almost as good as the original.

And, we were thrilled to learn about a 3D Lego movie, on the way in 2014.  It looks pretty wicked!

Now, I just want a chip hat.

Watch 'Despicable Me 2' and you'll want one, too!

Have you seen the new Gru?  What did you and your kids think?



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