'Camp Mommy': Different But Still Important

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When the boys were little, we joked that summertime was all about "Camp Mommy".  I have always loved this season and would dive into vacation with gusto, planning almost daily mini-adventures to beaches, state parks, museums and waterslides.  We have awesome warm weather memories.

Now, the boys are a little bit older.  They are now more interested in spending time with their friends at actual summer camps...and are participating in sailing school, theatre workshops and maritime discovery.  I get it...and, truth be told, I'm working more, with more projects than I know what to do with.  Frankly, time is marching on and we're all evolving.

That said, "Camp Mommy" is still important.  When the crazy rush of the school year subsides, I always want to take the opportunity to escape on excursions with the boys, even if it's just once a week. 

So far, we have visited the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk where a  new Lorikeets exhibit is drawing a crowd.

The guys loved trying to lure these exotic birds with their little cups of nectar...one even landed on Ben's arm for awhile...and this little animal lover was enthralled!  We adore this aquarium...the meerkats, otters and touch-a-shark tank always delight.

The next week, we drove to Lucky 33 Gemstone Flume Mine in Old Saybrook, a small place that the boys really love.  They buy a pail of sand and then sift through it, searching for pretty rocks and "fool's gold".  The owner takes the time to tell them about their special discoveries, info that really engages them.

This outings doesn't take very long...an hour or so....then, you could visit one of Old Saybrook's lovely beaches - such as Harvey's - where anyone, even non-residents, can go for $15 dollars per day.  We also got a treat at a new, cool place called Sweet Luna's, a self-serve frozen yogurt bar with a large selection of toppings.  The guys had a lot of fun trying-out samples and building their own delicious concoctions.

During these outings, we actually TALK, LAUGH and ENJOY EACH OTHER and our surroundings.  It's really wonderful.

On the radar?  The Beardsley Zoo, the CT Science Center and Mystic Seaport.

There is no doubt, summer is complicated...but, it's filled with so many opportunities for bonding...I love it!

What adventures are you and your children embarking upon?

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