'Epic': A Mommy Minute Movie Review!

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"Epic" Hits Theaters

"Epic" Hits Theaters (Blue Sky Studios / May 26, 2013)

Memorial Day Weekend is always the kick-off of Summer Blockbuster season, so, we spent this afternoon at the movies, eating popcorn in front of Epic....a perfectly fine family film.

I say "fine" because we haven't really spoken about it since we left the theater.  We liked it...but it isn't super-funny, super-moving or super-inspiring.  It is, however, super-beautiful.  This tale of woodland sprites, threatened by enemies when their leader passes-on without an heir, is loosely based on a William Joyce children's book called "The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs".  The animation of the forest is incredible...lush, green, flowery and alive...while the 3D effect of the birds and bats soaring through the sky is lovely. 

Produced by Blue Sky Studios, the makers of the hysterical Ice Age franchise, the film features voice work by Beyonce, Steven Tyler, Amanda Seyfried and Pitbull.

Sam, Ben and I recommend this movie for a rainy (or surprisingly cold!) day.  You'll enjoy it...but you may not feel the need to run out and buy the DVD when it is released.

Frankly, our highlight of the afternoon was learning that there is going to be a Rio 2 (we loved those birds) and seeing Gru delight in a preview of Despicable Me 2!

Did you see Epic this holiday weekend?

What did you think?

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