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Family Fun


The Legends Behind Connecticut's Haunted Cemeteries And Spooky Spots

On Oct. 15, 1872, 48-year-old Mary Hart collapsed at noon in her New Haven home and died exactly 12 hours later, at midnight. She was buried in the city's Evergreen Cemetery. The next night her aunt had a vivid dream that Mary had been buried alive. The coffin was dug up and reopened. The corpse's...

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  • Halloween Happenings

    Halloween Happenings

    It's the season of ghouls and goblins, thrills and chills, pumpkins and parties. Here's a gallery of what's happening for Halloween, as well as some of Connecticut's haunted legends. Find a list of more Halloween events here.

  • 'Whimsical Kingdoms' And Wee Faeries At Flo Gris

    'Whimsical Kingdoms' And Wee Faeries At Flo Gris

    Once upon a time there was a magical land known as Old Lyme, in which delightful little forest creatures dwelled. They were chased from their homes by the noise and machines of the modern age, but found solace in the quiet lawns and artsy environs of the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme. Every...


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  • Convents, Abbeys, Monasteries Offer 'Divine Accommodations'

    Convents, Abbeys, Monasteries Offer 'Divine Accommodations'

    It's one of travel's best-kept secrets. Convents, abbeys and monasteries throughout the country and around the world are offering budget-priced accommodations to tourists looking to swap stays in busy hotels for more serene surroundings. You could call them "divine accommodations." Providing respite...

  • New England Fall Foliage Expected To Be A 'Flaming Sunset'

    New England Fall Foliage Expected To Be A 'Flaming Sunset'

    For 30 years, Marc D. Abrams has meditated on the mysteries of the woodlands and the mystical magic of autumn. So he was asked where he would go for that maximum feasible foliage experience. His answer was as disappointing as it was unsurprising. "That is a tough one," he said, "because I have...

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