Justin Bieber To Appear In PSA To Avoid Criminal Charges
Teen pop star Justin Bieber will appear in a public service announcement for Nassau County public schools in exchange for criminal charges to be dropped against his manager who authorities claim perpetuated a dangerous environment during a mall appearance at Roosevelt Field Mall in November 2009.

According to Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice, the PSA will address the importance of cyber-responsibility, a subject that played a role in the now-infamous incident that left Bieber's record label and management company pleading guilty to violating the County's Fire Prevention Ordinances.

Rice said the two companies poorly organized the autographing event that nearly sparked a riot involving thousands of fans who showed up to the Long Island mall.

Knowing they didn't have the proper manpower to maintain crowd control, the Nassau County Police Department and mall security decided to cancel the event.

Efforts to shut the event down were hindered by a tweet posted on Bieber's Twitter account stating: "On my way to Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island, NY to sign and meet fans! I'm pumped. See u there." Officials determined the message was posted by the singer's manager Scott Braun who, when asked by Nassau County Police, allegedly refused to post another message, informing fans to leave the mall as the event was now canceled.

Officials claim Braun instigated a chaotic situation at the mall in an attempt to make "national headlines" for his client. Braun eventually tweeted a message, alerting fans that the event was canceled which immediately broke up the large crowd gathered.

In addition to Friday's guilty plea, Bieber's record label, Island Def Jam Record Music Group (IDJ), and his management company, Remster 3 LLC, also agreed to reimburse Nassau County for almost $8,000 to pay its share of the costs associated with the countywide law enforcement and fire marshal response for the poorly planned event.

Charges against Braun and James Roppo, a senior vice president of IDJ, were also dismissed based on the guilty pleas taken by the companies.

The Bieber cyber-responsibility PSA will be shown in Nassau County middle schools, junior high schools and high schools, Rice said. She hopes the PSA will encourage youths to use the internet more responsibly.

"Mr. Braun created a dangerous safety situation using Twitter. This is a unique opportunity to use the internet, social media, and Justin Bieber's star power to help make our communities safer," she said.