Amazing Race Recap: Be Safe Don't Hit A Cow

Bates and Anthony are the first to leave the Pit stop at 5:39 am. The brothers head to the Boro Village for their next clue.

Pam and Winnie tells us their goal is to get away from the pack by making smart decisions. They race best when they race alone. This means CBS should just let them race by themselves and the girls will be fine.


While traveling to Boro, Caroline gets pulled over. They are issued a speeding ticket. Who knew there were speed traps in Africa? The girls try to talk their way out of it but the men are having none of it. They are fined 820 pula. The girls do not have it but think the police station will take American.


Back at the Maun Police Headquarters, The officers need Pula not American. They won't allow Caroline to leave so Jennifer gives a man 100 dollars to transfer the money into the right currency. They are taking a leap of faith in humanity. It paid off as the girls get the money. I bet Caroline will never forget her speeding ticket.

But don't worry. If you think those two were the only ones to get pulled over then you are wrong! The Newlyweds gets pulled over as well. 
The blondes are in 5th after their ticket. When they hit the roadblock, the two make ground on the moms and bama. Chuck and Wynona have trouble. Wynona is in the back doing the work and she cannot do it. Chuck yells at her to "figure it out." Right now Mona /Beth and Chuck and Wynona are neck and neck but the Blondes are not to far off. Mona stands while Wynona is more aerodynamic sitting. It doesn't matter because Caroline and Jen have passed them. 
By this time Bates and Anthony are done with their fast forward and have made it to the Pit Stop. Phil mentions this is their 3rd first place finish.
Meghan and Joey are still lost. They get a lucky break when another team pulls ahead of them. Max and Katie are being followed after paying their speeding ticket. \
Speed Bump
The newlyweds have to finish beading a skirt and perform a ceremonial dance.
The Asians are second and encounter a 
Brains or Brawn
In Brains, teams hop on a horseback safari and memorize the 10 animals they encounter on the tour.
In Brawn, teams stack firewood and use a donkey to travel a 1/2 mile using a carrot on a string.
Pam and Winnie chose Brawn but their donkey doesn't want to move. Apparently carrots is not much of a temptation to keep moving forward. they quit and decide to do the brains. 
Chuck and Wynona are already attempting Brains and they have a great strategy. The team splits the animals into 5 each. Wynona then sings each animal so its easier for her to remember.