Chicago (Zbigniew Bzdak / July 1, 2011)

1894: British writer William T. Stead publishes "If Christ Came to Chicago," an expose about corruption.

1895: The nation's first automobile race is held in Chicago and Evanston.

1896: William Jennings Bryan gives his Cross of Gold speech at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

1896: Long Man and Short Man Gang terrorize city.

1896: City uses landfill to extend Grant Park into lake.

1896: Chicago Federation of Labor founded.

1897: Elevated train line built in Loop.

1897: Chicago Teachers Federation founded.

1898: First Chicago-to-Mackinac sailboat race.

1899: L. Frank Baum writes "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" at his Humboldt Park home.

1899: Construction of Louis Sullivan-designed Carson Pirie Scott store (was originally Schlesinger and Mayer building).

1900: Chicago River's flow is reversed.

1900: Chicago White Sox play their first game.

1901: Walt Disney is born in Chicago.

1902: Marshall Field's opens State Street store.

1902: Richard J. Daley is born.

1903: Iroquois Theater fire kills more than 600 people, the deadliest theater fire in U.S. history

1904: Riverview amusement park opens.

1905: Advertisement in the Tribune extols the virtues of new home design called a bungalow.

1906: Bosnians establish Chicago's first Muslim benevolence society.