Chicago (Zbigniew Bzdak / July 1, 2011)

1882: Children's Memorial Hospital opens.

1883: Washington Park Jockey Club established.

1884: Washington Park Race Track opens.

1884: Construction begins on the Home Insurance Building, the first skyscraper at 10 floors.

1885: Potter Palmer builds castle-like home on Near North Side, which would lead to development of Gold Coast neighborhood.

1885: First female police officer hired, watches female prisoners.

1886: Haymarket Square Riot.

1887: Softball is invented on the South Side.

1887: Newberry Library is established.

1888: Adler and Sullivan's Auditorium Building is built.

1889: The city triples in size with annexation of the municipalities of Lake View, Hyde Park, Jefferson and Lake.

1889: Jane Addams opens Hull House.

1890: Aaron Montgomery Ward successfully sues the city to keep Grant Park open.

1891: Chicago Symphony Orchestra plays its first concert.

1891: In midst of bicycle craze, a schoolteacher becomes first local woman to ride 100 miles in less than 16 hours.

1892: University of Chicago opens for class.

1893: World's Columbian Exposition.

1893: Mayor Carter Harrison I is assassinated.

1893: Art Institute of Chicago moves into current building.

1894: Pullman workers go on strike.