Watch Katy Perry's jungle-themed video for 'Roar'

When your song refers to "the eye of the tiger" -- as the latest from Katy Perry does -- you can more or less go two ways with your visuals: boxing ring or jungle.

Having donned a pair of gloves (a la Rocky Balboa) for her performance of "Roar" on last month's MTV Video Music Awards, Perry takes to the wild in the just-released clip for her new single, which this week reached No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100.

The video opens just as Perry and a mate have crash-landed in a jungle, after which the singer, operating with her usual pluck, takes over the place and starts taking selfies with monkeys and brushing alligators' teeth. Always a survivor, our Katy Perry.

"Roar" is the first sampling from Perry's third album, "Prism," due out Oct. 22. Watch the video below.


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