Sex education
Check out ... "Top 10 Secrets for Great Sex" by Dr. Ruth Westheimer
The gist: Excerpt: "The reason that a monotonous life spoils the joys of sex is that your brain is your most important sex organ, not your genitals. Tickling your partner's intellect has as much to do with foreplay as does tickling the fun parts. Reinvigorating your day-to-day life together will make the sparks fly."

If you ... Enjoy literary porn
Check out ... "One in the Flesh: Bedtime Stories for Married Couples" edited by Nathyn Brendan Masters
The gist: Who knew marriage could be so steamy? Excerpt: "She sucked in a breath of cold air and bit down gently on his shoulder as he bent his head beneath the covers and roughly pushed up her nightgown. He held the bundled cotton firmly in one hand and made his way from the pliable skin of her throat ..."

If you ... Revel in other people's humiliation
Check out ... "Things I've Learned From Women Who've Dumped Me" edited by Ben Karlin
The gist: Famous wits share life lessons learned from their breakups with women, including Andy Richter ("Girls don't make passes at boys with fat asses"), Patton Oswalt ("Dating a stripper is a recipe for perspective"), Stephen Colbert ("The heart is a choking hazard") and Dan Savage ("I am gay").

If you ... Worship Demi Moore for roping in Ashton Kutcher
Check out ... "Hot Cougar Sex" by Ilona Paris
The gist: A self-professed cougar details her sexual encounters with men a few dozen years her junior. Excerpts: "Can I just say his butt was akin to two perfect vanilla cupcakes"; "I was amazed that someone so young could possess such wonderful technique and dexterity with their hands."

If you ... Want to make love better than the Italians
Check out ... Men's Health's "Guide to the Best Sex in the World"
The gist: Did you know Portuguese men have the most one-night stands? And Hungarian men try the most number of positions during sex? And Australians have sex in the most different locations? The U.S., meanwhile, is No. 1 in using sexual enhancement drugs.