A closer look at the Nintendo Switch's impressive lineup of third-party indies

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It's no secret that the Nintendo Switch has opened up its arms to third-party indie game developers. Unfortunately, only one developer (Suda51) made mention of the indie game scene during the Nintendo Switch presentation.

While only a handful of these games are console exclusives, their presence nevertheless beef up the list of games you can play on the Nintendo Switch during the first two quarters of its release.

So, without further ado, here's a current list of the confirmed Nintendo Switch indie game lineup!


Yes, you will indeed be able to play "Yooka-Laylee" on the Nintendo Switch. The multi-platform (PC, Xbox One, PS4) release date is set for April 11, and rumors have already begun to circulate that the Switch date coincides with this, though Playtonic has yet to confirm the precise Switch release date.

Overall, "Yooka-Laylee" feels like it will fit in well alongside Nintendo's bright, family-oriented games like "Mario" and "Zelda." Plus, if the game looks a bit like a "Banjo-Kazooie" throwback, that's because the developers over at Playtonic Games are former members of RARE!


"Snipperclips" is currently being developed by London-based indie studio, SFB Games alongside Nintendo. The game will be a console exclusive, and features an intriguing multiplayer strategy setup. The game was tucked away somewhat during the Nintendo Treehouse event.

Despite this, those who've played it have a lot of positive things to say about the game. In terms of a fun game to play on-the-go, "Snipperclips" should definitely be on your radar. It will presumably launch alongside the Nintendo Switch on March 3.

Stardew Valley

With this game's Wii U port canceled, developer Eric Barone confirmed that Stardew Valley would be coming to the Nintendo Switch instead. At the moment, there's no concrete release date for "Stardew Valley" on the Nintendo Switch. Though the game will likely release later on this year, possibly as soon as early summer.

This is because Barone made it clear that after canceling the Wii U port of "Stardew Valley," he intends to give fans the option of grabbing the game for the Nintendo Switch instead. However, it's worth mentioning that quicker exchanges can be made for the Xbox One, PS4, or PC as well.

Seasons of Heaven

The developers at Any Arts Production expressed that their upcoming game, "Seasons of Heaven," will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Though details are currently scarce, Any Arts recently shared a conspicuous image on Twitter confirming "Seasons of Heaven" as part of the Nintendo Switch indie lineup.

The list definitely feels legitimate in that all of the titles on the list have already been confirmed for release to the Nintendo Switch this year.

The Sacred Hero

Not too much is known about "The Sacred Hero" from U.K. developer SiMPLiSTiC other than the fact that it will indeed be released to the Nintendo Switch.

In the teaser, the developer noted that Zelda's sword is there merely as a placeholder, so the footage shown isn't exactly a reliable indicator as to what gamers can expect once "The Sacred Hero" launches on the Switch.


Originally announced for Nintendo's newest console as far back as June of 2016, "Riverside" was indeed confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. Aside from its design aesthetic, not much is known about the game.

Overall, "Riverside" appears to be more of an exploration-based game, and we're eager to see more as development continues to progress.


Fans of "Journey" and "Ico" will love the upcoming indie game "Rime" by developer Tequila Works. After Sony pulled the game's publishing deal, Tequila Works took the rights back for release on other platforms. We're excited that the Nintendo Switch is one of them.

Releasing in May (two months following the console's release), "Rime" features some of the same gorgeous art stylings as "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" and promises to be an engaging puzzle/adventure title for Switch owners.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +

"The Binding of Isaac" has become synonymous with indie game success following the original title's release in 2011. If you've dreamed of playing "The Binding of Isaac" on the go, we have good news! You will be able to play the game's latest iteration, "Afterbirth Plus," on the Nintendo Switch this spring.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

Although the newest "Wonder Boy" installment is cited as an indie property this time around, it received the official thumbs-up from SEGA, so we're eager to see how it turns out. The game follows a protagonist who's been turned into a half-lizard by a dragon.

He can also fully transform himself into a lizard, mouse, piranha, lion and hawk, if he so chooses. This sounds like a blast! Look forward to the game's release from developer Lizardcube later this year.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

If the indie continuation of "Wonder Boy' doesn't satiate your hunger, "Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom" just might! Also confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, this game is vaguely reminiscent of a mobile title, while also feeling like a spiritual successor of "Wonder Boy."

It has definitely caught the attention of "Wonder Boy" fans, who look forward to seeing what the game has to offer on the Switch. As of right now, there's no confirmed release date.

Has-Been Heroes

"Has-Been Heroes" comes courtesy of the creators of popular indie title "Trine," and has received a fair bit of attention following its Nintendo Switch confirmation. The game will release a few short weeks after the console on March 28, offering fans of roguelike strategy games an engaging, whimsical experience.

Shovel Knight

"Shovel Knight" creators Yacht Club Games excitedly shared the game's journey to the Nintendo Switch on their website recently. In addition to "Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment" coming to the Switch, fans of the game will also get a new experience via "Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove." Look for the game sometime this spring, with some predicting that "Shovel Knight" will release as early as March.


With the game's long-standing popularity, along with its presence on mobile platforms, it makes sense that "Terraria" would be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

While no official announcement has been made, the game's presence on Any Arts Production's leaked image and the fact that the game is available on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U mean that you can just about guarantee the game's presence on the Switch as well. Keep your eyes peeled for "Terraria" on the Nintendo Switch as early as March.


While "F-Zero" may not be coming to the Nintendo Switch (as far as we know) there's a similar game that may placate hungry racing fans: "Redout."

"Redout" is indeed coming to the Nintendo Switch early this spring. So, if you're not content with "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe," know that another solid racing game will be up for grabs on the console.

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