BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Quinn pressured Steffy to return to Los Angeles, convinced that she and Liam could still be together. On his wedding day, Liam was floored by Steffy's presence and the news about her prognosis. As Hope, unseen, watched them through a window, Steffy professed her love for Liam and they kissed, leading Hope to a decision that would change her life forever. Quinn urged Wyatt not to leave town, hinting that things aren't over for him and Hope. Eric was thrilled to be reunited by Ridge, and was surprised when his son revealed the reason he returned. Eric avoided all mention of Bill Spencer as he brought Ridge up to date about Brooke. Ridge apologized for hurting Brooke and declared his love for her. Coming: Hope has been betrayed for the last time.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: Overjoyed when she scored the chance to interview the head of a trendy jeans company, Carrie felt the pressure when Larissa warned that this is her last chance to get a story into Interview Magazine. Mouse received news that drove an unexpected wedge between her and West. Sebastian's father shared information that could forever affect Sebastian and Carrie's relationship. Walt was able to seek out Carrie's dad, Tom, as a father figure. Maggie tried to find the courage to admit to her father the truth about the past few months. Coming: The new year brings change, not all of it welcome.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole told a huge lie for Eric's benefit, which horrified Daniel when he heard about it. Later, Eric had a disturbing dream about Nicole. Will confronted Sami about her big secret. Panicked that Sonny knows the truth, Gabi, Sami and Kate rushed to stop him from revealing it to Justin. EJ made a startling discovery and confronted Sami with the news. Hope was stunned by a call from Bo. JJ set up a plot to permanently neutralize Theresa, only to have it backfire. Adrienne arranged for Jennifer to meet a new man, leaving Daniel rattled when he overheard Jen making plans for a date. An uncomfortable situation arose when Kate and Jordan picked the same time to turn up at Rafe's new place. Coming: This time, Sami may not have a way out.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Britt confessed to Nikolas that Brad is not Ben's father, but held back an important part of the truth. After rejecting Sonny's offer to join his organization, Duke witnessed an encounter between Sonny and Julian that caused him to reconsider. Anna and Duke continued to lie to each other about Robert and Julian, respectively. A shootout ensued at Sonny's warehouse, where Carlos was being held hostage. Silas was plagued by phone calls from a NYPD detective but made up a story to deflect Sam's interest. Bobbie and Luke tried to make a getaway after seeing Julian, but Bobbie received a call -- from Lucas. After Patrick had an important encounter with Robin, he finally made a decision about who he wants to be with. Coming: Patrick's choice profoundly affects those who love him.

THE ORIGINALS: On a rebroadcast, Klaus Mikaelson, the original vampire-werewolf hybrid, returned to New Orleans, the city his family helped to build 300 years ago. Klaus' brother Elijah learned that the rebellious werewolf Hayley -- who is carrying Klaus' child, was being held by a powerful witch, Sophie Devereaux. Sophie's news brought hope to Elijah that his family might have a second chance at redemption. Klaus, however, was more concerned with reclaiming power over the supernatural beings in the city from his former protege Marcel, who now has total control. Coming: Klaus and Marcel's power struggle resumes when new episodes begin in January.

REIGN: On a rebroadcast of the series premiere, the teenage Mary Queens of Scots was escorted in deepest secrecy from the monastery where she was raised, and taken to France. The young queen's purpose was to secure Scotland's strategic alliance by becoming engaged to the French King's son, Prince Francis. Life at the castle was complicated by Francis' roguish half-brother, Bash, but Mary had an outright enemy in Francis' mother, Queen Catherine, who was not about to let a prophecy that marriage to Mary would cost Francis his life come true. Coming: Mary plans her strategy when new episodes begin in January.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: On a rebroadcast, Elena and Damon tried to explain Amara's situation to Stefan. Dr. Wes had disturbing news for Katherine. Nadia turned up at Caroline's dorm room in search of making peace with Katherine. A surprising conversation with Amara led Jeremy and Bonnie to share a glimmer of hope that Bonnie might regain her life. When Silas failed to keep a promise, Damon turned to Tessa for help with his new plan. Stefan made a heartbreaking confession to Damon and Elena about what he did to Silas. Stefan's actions had widespread repercussions, especially for Bonnie. Coming: The best-laid plans meet obstacles when new episodes begin in January.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: After going through Michael's personal effects from the night he was arrested, Paul realized that he finally has a piece of evidence that could lead to Carmine's real killer. Fen withdrew his confession. When Alex told Kevin they have a lead on Delia's hit-and-run, Chloe rushed to the police station, wanting to see the suspect. Adam had a sincere talk with Chelsea about wanting them to become a family. As Cane told Victor about a biotech company he wants to expand, Kyle leaked the news to Jack. Cassie's spirit urged Sharon to tell the truth about Summer's paternity, and it will help her get better. Esther figured out who sent the music box to Jill. Devon was caught by shocking news. Courtney received another text from Zach. Coming: The truth about Carmine's death gets closer to the surface.

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