Wayne Brady, familiar to fans of “How I Met Your Mother,” can be found playing video games on all of his systems. (November 4, 2013)


Wayne Brady is everywhere these days. He's on "How I Met Your Mother" and "Let's Make a Deal" on TV, and he's online in a series of new viral videos from Nintendo. He also still makes the rounds as a stand-up comedian. When he's not working, the actor can be found playing video games on all of his systems. The old school gamer talks about his gaming habits in this exclusive interview.

Q: What games are you playing these days?

A: Right now I've got my Nintendo Wii and my Wii U. I was kind of behind the times. I'm playing a "Super Mario Bros." that was released at the end of last year. I'm also playing "The Wonderful 101," which is this superhero game where you play a group of heroes and it's this great aerial view where the 101 of you come together to form all these powers. On my PS3 I'm playing "Last of Us" and alternating between "Grand Theft Auto V." And then on my Xbox 360, I'm playing the latest version of "Dance Central" because my daughter tries to talk smack, so we play "Dance Central" and "The Michael Jackson Experience" and I'm still the boss.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Wii U?

A: I was just talking to someone -- and this isn't just propaganda even though this is an interview and I'm doing a Nintendo spot and the Nintendo folks are over there -- and they will attest that the fact I was lamenting this morning, and I can say lamenting because I'm an adult . . . I can say words like that. I was lamenting the fact that as a gamer, I was behind the times. did not know that the Wii U was as dope as it is. The PS3 and the Xbox are amazing machines, but the Wii U can control your TV and it can control your satellite box, so basically everyone's always been trying to make this one-stop entertainment console for your home. Nintendo on the quiet did it. I sat on my couch with just the Nintendo Wii U in my hand, turned on the TV, adjusted the volume, did the inputs and I was able to play "Mario Bros." Then I got bored, so I paused it. Then I was able to flip over to TV, watch my shows. I'm watching "Hostage" on CBS right now, and then I was able to go back. No one else can do that right now. I think people need to know that the Wii U exists. They need to know that that piece of equipment is out there. It's great.

Q: How do you like the Wii U gamepad when it comes to playing games when you're away from the TV?

A: I'm a single parent. My daughter and I live together -- having a daughter, for anyone who doesn't' know, is like having a miniature wife in the sense that she has shows what she wants to watch, but in my household she's 10. I'm the kid because I want to game. So we had a fight the other day. "Miley, I want to game." "Well, I want to watch 'New Girl' on Fox." "Well, I want to watch 'New Girl' on Fox, too, but this is the biggest TV In the house." I've got a 72-inch TV and I can't watch this. Wii U fixes that. Oh, yeah. You go watch the 'New Girl.' Click. I'm playing on the Wii U. I was actually playing my game and it was like a handheld console, which frees you up. There aren't any cords. You aren't bound to the TV and the range is pretty impressive. I don't know what the range is, but I was able to step around the corner of the living room and lay on the couch. So she had the TV all to herself. I think that the Wii U is going to save a lot of marriages. It's going to save a lot of heartache. So kudos to you, Wii U.

Q: What minigames do you like to play on Wii Party U?

A: On Wii Party U, my favorite so far is "Operation Sandbox." I'm in a tank and there are three other people. The one concept that the minigames bring that's great is that if you're like me and you're supercompetitive, when my friends come over not only do I want to talk smack to one person but I want to talk smack to the whole room. So three people face me; we can get it on. In "Operation Sandbox," you play one tank fighting against three smaller ones and if you can get the three of them out, you win. If they score six hits on you, then they as a team win. I also like one where it's basically a board game where you actually use the Wii U to roll the dice. They have a simple way, which is you just grab the screen and you see the dice roll. You can also blow on the microphone, which is built in, and a balloon goes up and down and if it pops then your roll is null and void. But if you can get it to a certain level, you can blow, three, four, five, six, and then you have to hold it there. So it's just great.

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