BETRAYAL: Sara's concern about exposure of her secretive relationship with Jack intensified. Meanwhile, convinced that his wife is hiding something, Drew became obsessive about finding out what Sara has been up to. Jack made a difficult confession that left him vulnerable, but which brought him closer to Sara. Coming: Sara fears the repercussions if Drew uncovers her affair.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: After Liam revealed to Hope that his marriage to Steffy is officially over and that Quinn sent the video, Hope blasted Wyatt and Quinn for their devious behavior. Not to be deterred, Quinn devised a scheme involving the Hope for the Future diamond. Liam candidly spoke to Katie about her actions toward Bill regarding their child, prompting Katie to soften her attitude. Rick and Caroline announced their engagement to Eric and Brooke. Bill and Brooke had a life-changing adventure in Aspen. Coming: Katie fears the worst has come to pass.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: Carrie and Walt needed to kick out their new roommate when she became too comfortable. Will told Bennet how he feels about him, but things went terribly wrong before Walt got Bennet's reply. Samantha met Mouse and immediately gave her sex tips. Sebastian and Maggie had an awkward encounter. Tom's invitation to his girlfriend Deb to spend the weekend did not go as planned. Coming: Carrie offers support to her friend.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Unaware that Daniel is protecting JJ, Jennifer believed that he had slept with Theresa. Daniel paid the price for covering for JJ, but someone accidentally learned the truth. Kristen got to Marlena just as her adversary obtained the flash drive. EJ blackmailed Lucas, drawing Sami into the fray. Nicole confided in Daniel about her love for Eric, and the allegations he made against her. Abigail broke up with Chad. Will left for Berkeley. Jordan discovered that Kate isn't stopping her spying. Coming: Kristen does everything possible to save herself.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam and Silas encountered someone who knows all about her past. Ellie confronted Spinelli regarding their relationship. Emotions ran high on the anniversary of Robin and Patrick's wedding. As Halloween celebrations took over the town, Epiphany and Patrick shared their memories about Robin's death. However, with a mask to shield their face, someone who everyone believed was dead could be in the midst of the festivities. Carly and Ava got into a huge catfight. Coming: Carlos is still in the picture for Sabrina.

NASHVILLE: When Rayna approached wealthy investors to fund her own record label, she was taken aback by their reaction. Luke Wheeler and Deacon shared an uncomfortable encounter. Aware that her life is about to change dramatically, Scarlett turned to Avery for advice, possibly re-opening a door that was presumed permanently shut. Unaware of Peggy's deception, Teddy announced to the press that he and Peggy are getting married. Coming: Teddy is a pawn in Peggy's desperate game.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Knowing that Pan is a fearsome adversary, Regina and Mr. Gold uncomfortably realized that they must work together and use their magic to bring him down. In the former Fairy Tale Land, after Ariel saved Snow White from drowning in the ocean, Snow helped the mermaid to meet Prince Eric, with whom Ariel had fallen madly in love. Coming: Pan has a way to outfox everyone's moves.

THE ORIGINALS: Pressed for answers by Klaus, who is concerned for the safety of his unborn child, Sophie told him and Rebekah a disturbing secret from her past. Klaus went with Marcel to the bayou, where grisly remains were discovered. Davina confided in an unlikely ally and exposed shocking information about the witches, which ultimately opened up a stunning revelation. Coming: Protecting her baby is Hayley's prime directive.

RAVENSWOOD: Following events at the homecoming parade, Remy drew troubling parallels between Ravenswood's history and the present day. Luke attempted to make Olivia face up to difficult truths about their parents. Miranda had issues accepting her new reality. Already on the outs with Luke, Caleb was stunned to come face to face with the last person he ever expected to see. Coming: Luke resents Caleb's presence, but what will he do about it?

REIGN: Mary needed a new ally when King Henry refused to help stop England's armies from threatening Scotland's borders. Tomas, son of the king of Portugal, proposed to Mary, promising assistance if she breaks her engagement to Francis. Meanwhile, Francis put Bash's life in jeopardy when he let his feelings for Mary interfere with his judgment. Coming: Mary tries to do the right thing for her country, and herself.

REVENGE: Emily faced a set of unexpected challenges when Daniel's attention moved away from her toward other interests, and Grayson Manor itself appeared on the verge of collapse, due to the fate of the once mighty family. When two of the most important people in her life turned on her, Emily did something very uncharacteristic. Coming: Emily must realize who has her best interests at heart.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Elena met a sad and secretive fellow student named Aaron who affected her. Dr. Maxfield gave Elena a disturbing message at the Historical Ball, while Caroline's night veered from happiness to heartbreak. Nadia revealed her surprising history to Katherine. When Damon tried to make a deal with Silas, his resulting demand for Damon to commit an unspeakable act led to violence. Coming: Can Damon outwit the unyielding power of Silas?

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Lashing out at Nikki for involving her in the secret that she's Dylan's mother, Avery declared that she would rather be disbarred than hide the truth from him. When Michael stuck to his story about having killed Carmine, Fen took matters into his own hands. Adam and Chelsea had mixed feelings when Delia's corneas gave Connor back his sight, aware that Chloe and Billy were grieving. Ashley returned home and comforted Billy. Paul found a new clue in the hit-and-run investigation. Coming: Fen does what he must to protect his parents.

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