BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Wyatt happily anticipated that his new business ties to Hope and Forrester would lead to personal closeness between him and Hope, while news of Hope's business offer to Wyatt and Quinn's company upset Liam. Hope tried to reassure Liam that her business dealings with Wyatt would not affect their relationship. A visit from Quinn gave Katie a new ally against Bill, who became furious when Katie's announcement to him and Brooke revealed her future plans with Will. Hearing Katie's intentions led to a sincere apology and a plea for forgiveness from Brooke. Carter went out of his way to cheer up Maya with candles, champagne and a new idea for the upcoming season of "Room 8." Bill and Wyatt agreed to make a fresh start in their father-son relationship. Coming: Liam wants Hope as his wife before Wyatt's influence gets too strong.

BREAKING POINTE: As the closing night of "Cinderella" drew near, the dancers continued to make each performance count, despite their personal challenges. Allison found herself growing closer to Rex. Beckanne and Chase enjoyed the last moments of what could be their final performance together at Ballet West. Joshua's mother came for an unexpected visit. Adam threw an emotion-filled closing night party for the dancers. Coming: Connections made during the season affect the dancers' futures.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sami's trial headed downhill when Kate and Rafe's testimony did more harm than good. Justin hoped for a turnaround when he had the chance to cross examine Marge. Nicole's arrival prevented Kristen from disposing of her sex video with Eric. Overhearing an incriminating conversation between Kristen and Stefano led Nicole to join forces with Marlena, only to have Kristen's arrival almost spoil their plot. Meanwhile, Daniel came up with a new way to bring back Eric's memory about the fateful night. Jennifer's scolding of JJ led to a major showdown between them. Abigail realized that Theresa has been buying drugs from her brother. Later, Abigail confided in Gabi about her confused feelings for Cameron and Chad. Coming: Nicole dreads Eric's reaction should he ever learn the truth.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Olivia convinced Sonny not to kill himself over Connie's death. An out of control Sonny found Ava at his house and asked her to testify that she saw AJ in a murderous rage just before Connie was killed. Sonny's men grabbed Dante's henchman Vince and threatened to kill him unless Vince reveals who he works for. As Carly and Franco celebrated Jason's birthday together, they were shocked to find someone at the door. A mysterious presence appeared to be watching as Sam and Silas talked about Jason. Patrick told Sabrina he loves her. Britt's baby suffered complications right after she gave birth. Spinelli assured Ellie that he and Maxie won't tell Dante and Lulu the truth about the baby. Because of AJ's pending murder trial, Monica had to step down as chief of staff at the hospital. Coming: Ava and Derek escalate their plan to bring down Sonny.

MISTRESSES: On the season finale, meaningfully titled "I Choose You," April made a life-altering decision about who to be with, Paul or Richard, the two men in her life, and one was left with a broken heart. Savi's birthday celebration took the form of a road trip to Palm Springs that underwent a shocking turn. Could Harry have a part to play? Karen had a final showdown with Elizabeth Grey, and only one would emerge victorious. Coming: Mistresses did well in the ratings and is expected to be renewed.

NASHVILLE: On a rebroadcast, Rayna found an unlikely ally in Lamar when he sided with her against Teddy over the girls. However, Lamar's typical heavy-handedness soon alienated Rayna once more. Meanwhile, Maddie found evidence among her mother's love letters that led her to believe Teddy might not be her real father. Jolene saw Juliette struggling under the weight of Dante's escalating blackmail demands and, feeling responsible for the situation, decided to take matters into her own hands. Tragically, Jolene's solution ended with Juliette's discovery of two bodies and the knowledge that she is now, truly, alone. Scarlett was taken by surprise by a meaningful gift she knew came from Avery. Tandy's attempt to stage a regime change at Wyatt Industries abruptly ended when Lamar threw her out. Coming: Season two of "Nashville" begins Wednesday, Sept. 25.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: On a rebroadcast, Damon and Stefan resorted to brutal tactics in order to prod Elena into turning her humanity back on. Caroline became frustrated when her attempt to intervene backfired. Elena, not surprisingly, called Stefan and Damon's bluff, leading the brothers to request backup from an unlikely source. Rebekah was affected when Matt gave her unsolicited but useful advice about her life choices, and she tried to help him in return. Caroline had a confusing and dangerous encounter with Klaus. Katherine became suspicious when she received an offer from Bonnie, who promised that accepting it would benefit both of them. Coming: Bonnie's new obsession brings grave consequences.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Adam overheard Dylan discussing Connor's diagnosis with Billy. After Dylan caught Adam grilling Chelsea about the baby, she had no choice but to finally confess that Adam had the same disease, and that Connor is Adam's son. Adam insisted on getting a paternity test done and intended to sue for custody of Connor. Lily and Cane staged a quarrel for Hilary to witness, which unintentionally resulted in Hilary kissing Cane. Despite Cane's desire to immediately fire Hilary, Lily cautioned that he can't, because they first need to expose her as Ann Turner. Katherine's final wishes as expressed in her will unnerved Jill. Nikki told Paul a long-buried shocking secret about her past. Sharon vowed to stop Nick's wedding to Avery. Coming: Hilary suspects a scheme and strikes back.

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