"BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL'S" STEFFY TAKES A BREAK: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who has played Steffy Forrester on "Bold and Beautiful" since 2008, is taking a break from the series. With concerns raised over her future plans, it appears that her departure, whenever it occurs, will be temporary, and that the actress has been taping episodes to air well into the summer.

After more than 10 years away from Pine Valley, Dimitri Marick, played by actor Michael Nader, will return to "All My Children" on Monday, June 3. Dimitri will be running Chandler Media, and is remembered for his passionate romance with Erica Kane.

Speaking of Erica, Susan Lucci is in talks to return to her famous role.

Also newly back on "AMC" is Matthew Cowles' character of Billy Clyde Tuggle. Tuggle, thought dead after falling off a bridge more than 20 years ago, survived a soft landing and has been back causing trouble, particularly for Dixie.

Actor Brandon W. Jones, who played Spencer's academic team member Andrew on "Pretty Little Liars," will appear in at least four episodes of the new ABC Family Channel drama, "The Fosters," which premieres June 3. Jones' character of Liam is charming on the surface but shares a checkered past with the character of Callie.

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