ALL MY CHILDREN: Jesse's worst nightmare was confirmed. Miranda's feelings caught Bianca by surprise, forcing her to consider her response. Celia was shocked by something she overheard. A person presumed to be dead was shown to be very much alive. Another Pine Valley resident decided to leave town. An early Mother's Day surprise greeted one mom. Coming: Bianca is in an awkward situation.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Bill was guilt-ridden when Katie apologized for accusing him of having an inappropriate relationship with Brooke. Consumed by fear that her night with Bill would be revealed, Brooke suffered a panic attack. When Bill talked about focusing on his family, Brooke turned to Eric for comfort. Maya learned the hard way not to mess with a Spencer. Thomas and Oliver tried to cheer up Hope with a casual get-together of their co-workers and Steffy turned up, unaware Hope would be there. Coming: Hope admits she has no choice but to move on.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Moved by Brady's kindness, Kristen went to the secret room to confront her past, only to have John show up, followed by Brady, who narrowly missed seeing Kristen and John close to a kiss. When Rafe found out why Nick doesn't want him to see the baby, he confronted Nick and threatened to tell Gabi. Furious at hearing Johnny tell Sami that he liked it better when they lived with Rafe, EJ made a call. Later, Rafe was knocked unconscious by a mystery person. Ciara hid something from Hope. Coming: Rafe is in bad shape.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Soon after Michael, Carly and Sonny learned that Morgan has a gambling debt, Morgan encountered a dangerous situation. Spinelli met with a young woman who claimed to be Lauren. Rafe refused to tell Sam how he got a black eye and later covered for TJ in front of Sam. Although Liz asked Nik to back off from AJ, Nikolas had other plans as the relish war moved to a national TV show. Luke and Laura assessed their relationship. Dante tried to connect Lulu to her memories. Coming: Molly has to make a romantic choice.

NASHVILLE: When Rayna and Juliette were nominated for CMA Awards, Edgehill Records hosted a party for them. Teddy worried about his relationship with Maddie. Scarlett became concerned about Gunnar as tensions grew between him and Will. Juliette had to cope with new challenges. Stacy made an important decision. Coming: Juliette gets help from an unexpected place.

90210: When Jordan's sister Elizabeth got into trouble with an out-of-control Royal, Naomi took the heat to protect Elizabeth's reputation. Silver had to see her doctor about some test results. Annie decided the best way to get over Liam was to go to Paris on a book tour. Adrianna performed at a big event following Fall Out Boy, but the concert ended in chaos. Coming: Future plans are affected on the series finale of "90210."

ONCE UPON A TIME: On the season finale, the Charmings' desire to return to Fairytale Land and restore their home had to be delayed when Henry was kidnapped, as Tamara and Greg went after their revenge. Henry's loved ones followed the trail to Neverland, where Hook was in his element. Hook and Bae had a tense encounter. Coming: Once Upon a Time returns this fall for its third season.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: As Tea tried to keep her life together, Todd attempted to get through to Blair and later encountered danger in his own room. Dorian opted to get revenge and set her plan in motion. Clint lectured Matthew about accepting responsibility. A shady art dealer arrived at Shelter to confront Cutter. Bo urged Nora to return to her roots. Coming: Someone faces a serious threat.

REVENGE: On the two-hour season finale, Emily and Nolan faced off against the Initiative and the Falcon in a final confrontation that resulted in a heartbreaking death. The shocking loss and its aftereffects forced Emily to take a hard look at the path of revenge she's been following, and if her crusade is worth the loss of innocent lives. Coming: "Revenge" is expected to return this fall for its third season.

SECRET LIFE: When Amy and Ricky announced their plan to get married the day after high school graduation, few believed the wedding would happen, and Ben in particular was certain that things would go his way. Grace had second thoughts after she and Jack became engaged. Ethan became jealous when Kathy agreed to help Brian prepare for the spelling bee. George and Kathleen shared a special surprise with their families. Coming: At least one relationship becomes very shaky.

SMASH: Tom had his eyes set on winning the Tony Award for "Bombshell" as best musical and pulled out all the stops at a Houston and Levitt tribute event. However, Julia's increasing involvement with "Hit List" compromised her desire to help her longtime writing partner. Ivy feared she would damage her reputation when Tom asked her to perform a risque number. The cast of "Hit List" was shaken by a betrayer in their midst. Coming: Is the top prize worth the cost?

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Caroline tried to get Elena involved in pre-graduation events, but Elena remained focused on her new obsession. The sheriff summoned Damon and Stefan when patients were being attacked in the hospital. Still trying to force Katherine to help her, Bonnie refused to give up on her plan to defeat Silas. A violent storm caused a power outage in Mystic Falls, followed by the appearance of ghosts, both good and evil. Coming: The Mystic Falls High School graduation is anything but normal.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Determined to get Adam out of Newman Enterprises, Victoria hired a private detective to discover the secret Adam was going to reveal at the wedding. Adam refused to consider the possibility that he could be the father of Chelsea's baby. Gus developed breathing problems as he started to tell Leslie and Tyler about his connection to Rose. Paul confronted Carmine and later urged Lauren to fight for her marriage. Kevin and Chloe were questioned about the robbery at Neil's place. Coming: Another Abbott is back in town.

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