BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: When Donna accused Brooke and Bill of being responsible for Katie's condition, Brooke begged her sister not to tell anyone about what happened the previous evening. Later, Bill and Brooke asked Katie to forgive them for the fight. Maya discovered that her movie role offer wasn't quite what she was expecting. Caroline and Dayzee joined forces to find a way to get Maya out of Rick's and their lives forever. Taylor wasn't pleased to find Hope and Liam babysitting Will. Coming: Taylor persists in sticking her nose into other people's business.

THE CARRIE DIARIES: On the season finale, Carrie's plans for attending junior prom shifted after secrets were revealed. Dorrit hit an obstacle in her desire to take her relationship with Miller to the next level. Mouse prepared to defy her parents for the first time in order to date who she wants. Tom feared that someone was aware of his sneaking around. Larissa made Carrie and Walt an enticing offer. Coming: A decision regarding renewal of "The Carrie Diaries" hasn't been made.

DALLAS: Having little time to save Ewing Energies from collapse, thanks to Cliff and Ryland's collaboration, the Ewings fought back, using JR's masterpiece to guide them. Aware that they could risk completely alienating Pamela, Christopher and John Ross attempted to turn her against her father. Christopher closed in on locating his mother. Bobby was about to expose Ryland's crimes. Emma and Drew's relationship was increasingly stressed. Coming: Christopher makes a shocking discovery.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After figuring out Chloe's deception, Daniel confronted her about using Parker to force Jennifer to break up with him. Chloe responded with a stunning threat. Inadvertently tipped off by Abigail and Chad about Cameron's side job, Anne arrived at the club as he was about to go onstage. Nick managed to stop Gabi from signing Kate's papers, which gave Will certain rights to the baby. Sy decided to mail Victor the photo of Kristen paying him off for beating up Brady. Coming: Daniel could lose Jen by her own choosing.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Luke and Laura lived out a real-life nightmare. Dante suffered a shock when he discovered a body. After AJ and Liz shared a kiss, he was taken aback to see her consoling Nikolas. Carly was appalled to find Brenda in bed with someone, leading the women to a catfight in the Metro Court lobby. First grilling Maxie about her baby secret, Ellie then took her concerns to Spinelli. Patrick refused to let Britt ruin the Nurses' Ball when she made a disturbing announcement. Coming: Things aren't over between Carly and Brenda.

NASHVILLE: Rayna was forced to leave the tour before her sold-out New York City concert due to a personal crisis at home. Secrets about the men in Rayna's life came to light. Deacon made it clear to Juliette that he doesn't like who she's become. Meanwhile, Jolene staked a claim on Dante as Juliette got closer to him, personally and professionally. Scarlett brought Will to Gunnar's 24-hour celebration of her success. Avery's turn of fate led him to become a roadie for Juliette. Coming: Juliette's moves could have unwanted consequences.

90210: "90210" is pre-empted by an episode of "Hart of Dixie" but returns next week.

ONCE UPON A TIME: A special episode called "The Price of Magic" looked back to reveal the consequences faced by the residents of Storybrooke once magic was brought into the town, especially the path of Mary Margaret, the primary force for good, but now tainted. Questions were raised about what Greg Mendell might do, since he believes Regina may have killed his father. Coming: An outsider could change Storybrooke forever.

RED WIDOW: A previous episode of "Red Widow" was rebroadcast.

REVENGE: On a rebroadcast, the Graysons ignored the threats facing their family as they hosted the annual Labor Day extravaganza. Jack and Amanda set sail on their honeymoon, unaware that a stowaway on the vessel would cause unimaginable tragedy. Emily was helpless as the destruction played out, unable to affect the outcome, but determined to save the only survivor. Coming: Jack's desire to make the Graysons pay takes him on a risky course.

SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER: Ricky and Amy's relationship became increasingly strained when she decided to tour a college in New York. Adrian wasn't pleased when Omar took a business trip without her, especially with Amy on the same flight. George pursued a new career path as a way to distance himself from Anne. Ethan's pride stopped him from accepting Cierra's help with math. Jack faced potentially devastating consequences when he went to extremes to protect himself. Coming: Adrian's jealousy could spoil her bright future.

SMASH: Tom and Julia raced to get "Bombshell" ready for previews, but his eagerness might not be best for the show. An onstage mishap forced Ivy to make a choice that could result in her forsaking an important role. Tensions mounted at "Hit List" as Karen became suspicious of Jack's motives toward her. Coming: Karen has to keep her priorities straight.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: On a rebroadcast, Shane led an expedition to a desolate island near Nova Scotia where he believed the secret of the cure was hidden. Damon accused Shane of leading them into a trap, while Stefan had his hands full keeping the peace between Rebekah and Elena. In Mystic Falls, Caroline was caught in the violence that resulted when Tyler confronted Klaus. Coming: Elena must decide what kind of vampire she wants to be.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Leslie was thrilled by the news that her and Tyler's father will be set free, but Tyler doubted that he could have a relationship with his dad. Wheeler turned himself in, thinking it was for the shooting at the Newman ranch, but instead he was charged with Belinda's murder, thanks to Jack and Victor's scheme. Victor tried to convince Adam that he wants to end the bad blood between them. Summer had no intention of giving up when Kyle told her he's interested in someone else. Adriana quit when Jill suspected her of pocketing one of Katherine's heirlooms. Coming: Carmine isn't prepared to let Lauren return to her husband.

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