'Madden' video game correctly picks Ravens' Super Bowl victory

While "Madden NFL 13" didn't predict the power failure that left the Superdome dark and delayed the game for 30 minutes, it got just about everything else correct. With the Baltimore Ravens 34-31 win over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, the official Madden NFL Super Bowl prediction correctly identified the exact point difference in the game and has now correctly predicted the winner of eight of the last 10 Super Bowls. The Madden NFL Super Bowl prediction, which was run using "Madden NFL 13," also correctly forecasted Joe Flacco as MVP of the game.

"On any given Sunday anything can happen because there's so much parity in the league, almost any team can beat another team," said Cam Weber, general manager of EA Sports football. "We have had fairly good results at having point spreads between teams that are accurate. You can't account for everything like turnovers or lights going out, but we have an accurate game engine and when our computers are controlling these players, the match-ups are coming across in another way. The actual match-ups of one team versus another comes through in our game."

The Madden NFL XLVII Super Bowl prediction also was correct in predicting touchdowns for Anquan Boldin and Frank Gore and was nearly perfect in predicting Colin Kaepernick's stat line, with the prediction forecasting 18 completions, 29 attempts, a TD and interception; with Kaepernick falling two completions and one attempt short of that exact total. In addition, the Madden NFL prediction also correctly forecasted an Ed Reed interception of Kaepernick as the only interception in the game.

"Madden NFL" Super Bowl predictions are incredibly accurate due to the game's authentic gameplay, the development team's unparalleled access to NFL resources and its prominent place in NFL culture. Because of these factors, over the past 25 years, "Madden NFL" has become known as the 33rd franchise.

On Friday, Electronic Arts officially announced "Madden NFL 25," launching on Aug. 27. This year's game will feature the Madden NFL 25 name when it launches in August, plus a new fan Cover Vote in partnership with ESPN that will pit the NFL's greatest legends against today's biggest stars.

EA used the Super Bowl week to hold its annual Madden Bowl video game tournament, which was won for the first time by a trio of NFL Draftees. At the end of the tournament, winners and losers remained for several more hours to take in musical performances by Vintage Trouble, Big Boi and Lil Wayne at the Bud Light Hotel.

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