BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Furious that Caroline betrayed his trust and exposed his manipulative behavior, Bill became the prime suspect when an accident landed Caroline in the hospital. Alison brought "assistance" to get Bill through a rough day, while the Spencers discussed how to deal with Bill's drinking, which may have triggered his rage. Hope's heart was broken by Liam's response to her plea for them to reunite. After Rick confronted Bill about placing Caroline's life in danger, he had an ugly face-off with Liam about the lie he had told. Coming: Hope and Liam's future together is deeply in doubt.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: When John confronted Kristen about her feelings for Brady, she revealed that she has been plotting revenge against John since she returned to Salem. John's verbal attacks on Kristen prompted Brady to defend her, as father and son became involved in a fistfight. Later, John was horrified to realize that Marlena knew that Brady had been sleeping with Kristen. Expecting Jennifer to arrive for a romantic dinner, Daniel opened the door to Chloe. Nicole and EJ and Sami and Rafe, were all caught by surprise by their New Year's kisses. Abigail was hesitant to date Chad because of Melanie. Coming: Marlena attempts to justify her silence about Brady and Kristen to John.

EMILY OWENS, M.D.: When a car accident victim was brought into the emergency room, her boyfriend was quickly blamed for causing the crash, a scene that dredged up painful memories for Will. Emily's cancer patient refused to undergo surgery, fearing it will end her career and relationship. Will had to make a tough decision about using his girlfriend Cassandra's studying methods over Emily's flashcards for the upcoming exam. Coming: Emily realizes what she would have to do to win.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: In the aftermath of the crash caused by Connie's reckless driving while fleeing from the police, Starr and Michael checked on Kristina and Trey, then found Connie hanging on to the edge of the same cliff where Cole and Hope died. Connie was shaken to remember that there had been a girl in the road. Carly and Todd's New Year's Eve kiss led them to finally make love. Carly was livid with Johnny when she learned the reason why Dante had him in handcuffs. Spinelli assumed the worst about Ellie when Maxie stumbled onto the roof, where he had arranged a romantic celebration. Coming: Sabrina and Patrick need to clear the air.

NASHVILLE: On a special broadcast, "Nashville: The Whole Story" features clips and songs from the series that look back at the conflict between music legend Rayna James and troubled rising star Juliette Barnes. Rayna's husband, Teddy, is enmeshed in a mayoral campaign versus his longtime friend, Coleman Carlisle, which turned ugly when Rayna's scheming father, Lamar, intervened. A love triangle developed between Scarlett, a songwriter, her writing partner Gunnar and Scarlett's boyfriend, Avery, who envied her success while striving for his own. Coming: When "Nashville" returns next week, Scarlett must pick her path.

90210: "90210" is pre-empted the "iHeart Music Festival."

ONCE UPON A TIME: Having discovered a way to get to Storybrooke, Cora and Hook drew near to the town, with revenge their priority. When Regina was accused of murdering one of the town's most beloved fairy tale characters, Emma sensed she might be innocent. In the former fairytale land, Snow White and Prince Charming planned the public execution of the Evil Queen, hoping to finally rid the land of her tyranny. Coming: The residents of Storybrooke must battle a terrible foe.

REVENGE: Declan discovered something that could threaten the future of the Stowaway, while Jack and Amanda remained unaware of the imminent threat to their family. Victoria began plotting a scheme which, surprisingly, involved Emily. Nolan considered the path of his altered future. Emily identified her next target and closed in with no mercy. Coming: Will the Porters get the help they desperately need?

666 PARK AVENUE: Gavin and Olivia were thrilled by Sasha's safe return. While Jane's disturbing dreams kept mixing with reality, she visited the elderly Harlan Moore to learn about Peter Kramer's diary and the Drake's history. Henry fared better, as the Dorans planned a big event to introduce him to the political world. Brian was close to a deal with a producer for his play, while Alexis' guilt over her tryst with him led her to seek an escape clause in her deal with Gavin. Olivia connected Louise with an opportunity to work for a top magazine. Coming: Everything she learns increases the danger to Jane.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: In a rebroadcast, Stefan learned that Elena and Damon are still together. Stefan and Caroline were at odds with Tyler over his plans for Klaus and his hybrids. Phoebe's insistence on handling the hybrid issue her own way led to Klaus making a discovery that provoked chaos and violence. Unable to locate Tyler, Klaus took out his rage with an unspeakable act against Tyler's mother. Elena and Damon went to the Gilbert lake house to help Jeremy conquer his inner demons with the help of Bonnie and Prof. Shane, who revealed a piece of ancient history that left everyone speechless. Coming: Klaus' action demands a strong reaction.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: After waking up with a hangover and seeing his New Year's Eve companion, a pickup, passed out on the floor, Jack realized he needs help and asked Billy and Adam to look after his business interests while he goes away for a while. When Fen saw Jamie and Summer hugging, he told Jamie that Summer is really Brittni, the girl who harassed him online. Alex admitted to Noah that Adriana stole a half-million dollars. Noah came home to find the money gone and got a text announcing Adriana's arrival in Genoa City. Meanwhile, Chloe had the bag full of cash. Lily politely declined comfort from Tyler after she said goodbye to Daniel. Coming: Noah has an unwelcome visitor.

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