AFTER SIX SEASONS, A FABULOUS FINALE FOR "GOSSIP GIRL": On Monday, Dec. 17, "Gossip Girl" is scheduled to wrap up its intrigue, romance and fashion-filled six seasons on the CW with a two-hour final episode. The episode, titled "New York I Love You XOXO," will tie up all the loose ends in the lives of the young Upper East Siders, including, at long last, the identity of "Gossip Girl." Included in the mix will be a look back at many unforgettable moments. The 10-episode final season DVD is set for domestic release in February 2013.

Beginning in January, "The Carrie Diaries," which shifts the "Sex and the City" gals back to their high school years, takes over "Gossip Girl's" former time slot.

The latest product issued by "Bold and Beautiful" to mark the show's 25th anniversary is a four-DVD set titled "How It All Began." The collection includes the first 16 episodes of the soap, which have never been released, and features the debut of the core Forrester and Spencer families.

Congratulations to "Young and Restless'" Michael Muhney (Adam). Earlier this month, he and wife Jamie welcomed the arrival of son Truman, who joins his big brother and sister.

When she's not busy being Victoria, the diva of the Machiavellian Grayson clan on "Revenge," actress Madeleine Stowe has been directing a Western film called "Unbound Captives," for which she also wrote the screenplay. Still in production, the movie includes in its cast such screen luminaries as Hugh Jackman and Robert Pattinson, but no release date has been announced.

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