ADRIENNE BARBEAU TO PLAY VICTORIA'S MOTHER ON "REVENGE": Veteran TV and film actress Adrienne Barbeau has been signed to portray the woman who made Victoria into the scheming and vengeful diva who dominates the Hamptons -- her mom. Barbeau, probably best known for her role as Carol on the beloved '70s sitcom "Maude," appeared last year as Susanne on "General Hospital," where she figured prominently in Brenda's baby storyline. On "Revenge," her character will shed light on Victoria Grayson's formative years, when her mother taught her to use her looks and resources.

"Pretty Little Liars" has been renewed for a fourth season, with 24 episodes set to air in mid-2013. The second half of the show's third season launches in January.

Watch for "Young and Restless'" Blake Hood (Kyle) on "Vampire Diaries" in November, along with Alyssa Diaz, who appeared on "The Nine Lives of Chloe King." Both will play new hybrids created from Elena's blood to serve Klaus.

Katie Cassidy, who had a colorful run on "Gossip Girl" as Juliet, and Colin Donnell, who played Mike on "Pan Am," are now on the new CW fantasy series "Arrow," portraying, respectively, the hero's ex-girlfriend, Laurel, and his best friend, Tommy.

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