BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: As Brooke tried to get Katie to take an interest in mothering her baby, Katie recalled advice she had been given by Taylor, and stunned Bill with a shocking declaration. Thomas grew increasingly angry when Caroline ignored his attempts to win her back. Caroline was shaken when Rick confessed his role in keeping Hope and Liam apart. Brooke needed consoling after she received an email from Ridge. Coming: Taylor's confidence is challenged by unexpected news.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After swearing to John that she's not in Salem to cause trouble, but wants to make amends, Kristen offered to help EJ get Sami. Much to Sami's frustration, Kristen is now her boss. Nicole agreed not to press charges against Jennifer in return for going away with Daniel, but damning evidence remained hidden at the hospital. With Hope's blessing, Bo accompanied Caroline to a treatment program in California. Coming: Kristen creates a rift between John and Marlena.

EMILY OWENS, M.D.: Emily's bad reputation with the nurses led to her being handed a specific case as revenge. With a patient's life on the line, Emily weighed using the secret she knows about the chief of surgery to get a procedure approved. To avoid more awkwardness with Will, Emily lied that she's interested in someone else. Micah was surprised to find someone new making his mom's chemo treatments more bearable. Coming: Emily realizes she has to outsmart her enemies.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dante comforted Lulu, who was stricken to learn that she can't have children. Wanting to get the real DNA test results to Sam without implicating himself, Todd believed that the key lay with Heather. Sonny discovered that Joe Jr. is at large and had threatened Starr, who pleaded with Trey to do the right thing. Maxie renewed her quest to land Spinelli. Duke insisted to Anna that all he wants is to prove himself to her. Coming: Trey picks which side he's on.

GOSSIP GIRL: Pressured to make her Waldorf Designs fashion show a success, Blair got unlikely help, but still faced a scandal on the runway. Sage's trickery forced Serena to postpone handling her issues with Blair. When Nate published Dan's first serialized article, it produced a serious threat. Chuck examined the clues Amira left him to uncover about what Bart is hiding. Coming: Sage follows her own agenda.

NASHVILLE: As Rayna became more involved in her children's lives and her husband's mayoral campaign, she was taken aback to learn that she and Teddy face financial ruin. Juliette offered Deacon an exclusive contract to write and tour with her. Juliette's troubled mother, Jolene, made a dramatic re-entry into her daughter's life. Scarlett and Gunnar's big break with Watty was threatened. Coming: Juliette must battle on another front.

90210: Posing as a wealthy investor, Naomi invited Alec to her yacht, leading to a kiss, which Naomi rebuffed. Unaware that Alec planted the kiss as blackmail, Naomi told Max. Liam learned that he needs Vanessa's approval to finalize his video game contract. Later, a detective questioned Liam about Vanessa's whereabouts. Riley insisted that Dixon needs an attitude change to recover. Silver worried about losing her looks. Coming: Silver begins to have second thoughts.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Regina continued to restrain herself from using magic in order to win back Henry's love, but began seeing what she believed is a ghost from her past. When Mary Margaret and Emma discovered a survivor from the ogre massacre, Emma wondered whether he was telling the truth. In the fairytale land that was, Regina failed to learn the dark arts because her past is preventing her from using magic for evil. Coming: Regina is caught between opposing forces.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: On this special Halloween broadcast, the girls hoped to enjoy the holiday and leave the trauma with Nate in the past. However, the Rosewood Ghost Train held more than tricks and treats for its unwary passengers. "A" was clearly on the loose, and amid the unexpected guests was at least one person who could make the Halloween party fatally memorable. Coming: "Pretty Little Liars" returns in January.

REVENGE: The arrival of people from the past to the Hamptons held special significance for Victoria and Emily. Victoria would have to face the one person whose advice permanently changed the course of her life. Jack's sense of duty was uppermost with the baby's arrival. Padma's actions could have a major effect on Nolcorp. Coming: Nolan may have been outplayed in several arenas.

666 PARK AVENUE: Jane was menaced by the spirit from the suitcase. Gavin received anonymous texts that threatened Olivia's safety. Henry met with a media consultant interested in taking his political career to a new level. Brian showed his jealousy when he grilled Louise about her rendezvous with Dr. Evans while she was recovering from the elevator "accident." Coming: Gavin is not immune to deadly opponents.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: On the season finale, Bay's parents tried to persuade her to return home, but instead Bay and Zarra made a decision that led to a terrible result. The trial against the hospital reached a shocking conclusion that had consequences for many people. Daphne met the restaurant owner, not under the best of circumstances, as her relationship with Jeff went public. Coming: Season two of "Switched at Birth" starts early new year.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Dr. Fell helped Damon and Klaus to question Connor, which led to a violent outcome. Rebekah's arrival at Mystic Falls High led Elena to learn that confronting an old vampire could be very dangerous. Tyler was visited by Hayley, a werewolf who helped him break his sire-bond to Klaus. Stefan sought advice from Caroline about the hard time Elena is having trying to act normal. Coming: Connor knows who he must destroy.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Adam confirmed to a confused Sharon that she set the fire at the Newman ranch and promised to make sure that no one suspects her. Nikki agreed to remarry Victor and rebuild the ranch for their wedding reception. Phyllis told Ronan she can't have him and a troubled Summer in her life at the same time. Jack suffered a sharp pain in his back. Cane believed that Genevieve ruined his chance for a promotion. Coming: Summer is up to more schemes.

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