5 cool summer drinks, and where to get them in Connecticut

Lounging in the sun, random road trips, the smell of coppertone -- these are just a few things that come to mind when thinking of summer. Whether you’re a fan of the heat or not, there’s no denying summer’s here, and what better way to celebrate or forget than with a drink?

While any should be refreshing, for a drink to become a “summer drink” there are a few summer drink staples:

•    Bubbles
•    Some sort of citrus-sweet combo
•    Some type of seasonal fruit or herb
•    Lots of ice

Here are five summer drinks that are sure to please wine, liquor or beer lovers alike.

Sangria (For Wine Lovers)

Sweet, refreshing and easy to make, sangria is made using mixed fruit (Melon, berries, apple, pineapple, peach, grape), red or white wine, a sweetener (Simple syrup, agave nectar, honey, orange juice), a dash of brandy, rum, or flavored liqueur like Triple Sec, and served over ice.

Where to find: Barcelona (New Haven, West Hartford, Stamford, Greenwich, Fairfield, South Norwalk),  barcelonawinebar.com

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Long Island Iced Tea (For Liquor Lovers)

For the nondiscriminatory summer drinker, the long island iced tea is typically made from equal parts gin, rum, tequila, and vodka, a small amount of triple sec, sour mix or lemon juice, cola to give it some fizz, and served over ice.

Where to find: Koji (new Haven), kojirestaurantnewhaven.com

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Margarita (For Tequila Lovers)

A tequila-based favorite, the Margarita, is easy to make, can be made using nearly any type of fruit, and can be served on the rocks (over ice), straight up (without ice), shaken with ice, blended and with or without a salted rim.

Where to find: Oaxca (New Haven & Wesport), oaxacakitchen.com

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Mojito (For Rum Lovers)

Combining all the summer drink criteria, the traditional mojito is made from white rum, lime juice, mint, sugar (simple syrup) and sparkling water. 

Where to find: Ibiza Tapas and Wine Bar (New Haven & Hamden), ibizatapaswinebar.com

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Summer Ales (For Beer Lovers)

For those who aren’t fans of mixed drinks or wine, a crisp, refreshing, food-friendly beer is best.  Look for beers with a light to medium body, a lighter color, and with citrus or floral aroma and flavor.

Where to find: Cask Republic (New Haven), thecaskrepublic.com

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