Liquor Cabinet: Blood Orange Margarita at Grants

Blood Orange Margarita

: Hotel California Tequila, fresh blood orange, lime, agave nectar

Price: $10

A blood orange margarita is, perhaps, the perfect cocktail to say goodbye to summer with (and it pairs nicely with Grant’s lovely patio space).  The margarita has that tropical, warm, sit outside and enjoy vibe going on.  And there’s something about the citrusy, ripe, rich flavor of the blood orange which is also reminiscent of lingering summer days and long, slow sunsets.  The simple, premium ingredients are masterfully blended, and the Hotel California Tequila in particular is top quality.  It’s a ‘sipping tequila:’ made in small batches and imported from Jalisco, Mexico.  In fact, Connecticut is the first state to get it.  Summer won’t last forever, and neither does any cocktail.  Like all good things, they must come to an end, so savor every last sip of flavor of your Blood Orange Margarita.