Soft shell crab

Soft shell crab: eat legs first. (Alison Geisler photo / April 16, 2013)

Once spring rolls around, the warm weather nuts start getting super antsy for summer and all of the good things that come with it: enjoying the outdoors, the food and the drinks, hitting up the beach, etc. Here in Connecticut, summertime food goes beyond burgers and hotdogs, potato salad and popsicles. We've got all the fried seafood we could ever dream of. Thanks to the Szabo family, you don't have to wait till a weekend trip to the shoreline to get your fix. The Szabo family has many years of experience in the seafood industry, with a little storefront prepared-foods shop on Howe Avenue in Shelton, and Dan Szabo's life-long experience with seafood and perfecting his family's recipes. Now they're broadening the reach of their deliciousness with their roving Little Red Truck, serving up lobster rolls ($13), fried shrimp ($10) and clam strips ($7), chowders ($5 for New England, $4.50 for Manhattan) and lobster bisque ($7.50), burgers ($7 sirloin or $8 salmon, tuna or swordfish) and more to New Haven's hungry lunchtime crowd. All items come with french fries and coleslaw.

I was fortunate to snag one of the last lobster rolls at Wooster Square's Cherry Blossom Festival on April 14, where hungry and curious festival-goers formed a constant line at the truck's order window. Unfortunately for us, the clam chowder had already been all gobbled up. I'm sure the chilly wind helped that along. I managed to grab a soft shell crab sandwich ($9) as well.

Both the lobster roll and crab sandwich came with a hearty portion of french fries that were impressively hot for such a windy day. The first one I bit into was a bit of a surprise, it was so perfect. The lobster roll was hot and buttery. The amount of lobster meat to hotdog bun was nicely balanced, leaving room for the bun to soak up some of that butter. The soft shell crab sandwich was evenly breaded, and was mighty tasty with some tartar sauce. I'd never eaten soft shell crab before, so I was a bit startled to see the little guy's legs poking out from under the bun. Startled in a good way. Like "Ooh yeah, look at that." So, I ate the legs first. Both crunchy and flaky, the soft shell crab is satisfying enough to have for lunch without having any eater's remorse.

I will absolutely be tracking the Szabo's truck down in the near future to try more of the goods. I've been eyeing some fried clam strips, lobster bisque, and some fish tacos ($7). Come winter I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for lobster mac and cheese. Track them down for lunch by following @szabosseafood on Twitter. If you want to get in on any of their prepared foods, stop in to 615 Howe Ave., Shelton. Call (203) 922-1191 to get your hands on some of this stuff.

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