Led By Sam Adams, Aluminum Beer Cans Are Making a Comeback

Canned beer used to be the bottom of the barrel. You remember: back in college, stacks of Old Milwaukee or Milwaukee's Best empties were ubiquitous and tolerated by RAs, while bottles were forbidden in dorm rooms (something to do with safety, one imagines). Those fancy green bottles — usually St. Pauli Girl, Beck's or some other imported brew — were for enjoying at home, when dad was buying.

Not anymore. For some time, high-quality beers have been making their way back into aluminum vessels, ready to be poured out into a pint glass or simply guzzled from the can. And some of that great beer comes from right here in Connecticut; New England Brewing Company, which brews all of its beers in Woodbridge, has four available canned brews, including the oddly titled Belgian-styled golden ale, 668: The Neighbor of the Beast. (You can imagine someone in their marketing department getting a chuckle out of imagining their beer, which runs upwards off $14 for four cans, next to Milwaukee's Best, commonly known as "The Beast.") NEBC's four cans — the others are Sea Hag IPA, Elm City Lager and Gandhi-Bot (another IPA) — are all colorfully adorned with cartoonish images that, although perhaps better suited to a can of soda, take advantage of the aluminium canvas.

This summer, Samuel Adams' flagship Boston Lager is getting canned. A two-can pack recently made its way to the office.


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