Firebox's Samantha Tinyszin Wins 'Farm to Shaker' Competition

A La Carte

Leeanne Griffin

9:39 PM EDT, August 11, 2013


The engraved shaker has been passed to a new Connecticut mixologist. Samantha Tinyszin of Firebox took top honors at the Coventry Regional Farmers' Market "Farm to Shaker" cocktail competition Sunday, which brought together some of the state's best mixologists to concoct drinks from locally-grown ingredients.

Tinyszin's "Melon Ballsy" drink featured Onyx Moonshine, blueberries, blackberry ginger hot sauce, RIPE agave margarita mix and ginger-infused honeydew puree. Her winning recipe beat out competitors Scott Miller of Max's Oyster Bar (the 2012 champion,) Patti Vary of A Thyme to Cook, Angie Perdelwite of Cavey's and Rocco LaMonica of Eli Cannon's.