Preview of Season 2, Episode 3 of HBO's 'Girls'

It's a Wednesday night, baby, and the "Girls" are alive, just barely. In what can only be described as an "I Love Lucy"-esque adventure on cocaine, Elijah guides Hannah into a royal mess of an evening for her first time trying coke, and Marnie reunites with the mind-boggling sexy Booth Jonathan and finally bones him. As he promised in season one, he DOES scare us a little.

Season 2, Episode 3

Hannah tackles a freelance assignment with some help from a junkie, who lives downstairs, and Elijah, who lets slip a secret in a moment of peak indulgence. Meanwhile, Marnie has an encounter with artist Booth Jonathan at her new workplace. 

Best out-of-context quotes

(This week's best quotes section features way more than usual, because let's be honest, one in every three lines was totally quotable. Please add more in the comments if you think we missed anything!) 

"The reason I've never done it before is because I have weird nasal passages." —Hannah 

"One of Tom Petty's heartbreakers gave me a lovely compliment on it once" —Jessa 

"Oh I love it when you get stroppy ever since you started having sex." —Jessa 

"All the junkies in my building totally hang out by the mailboxes" —Shosh 

I'm just trying to come up with a new wifi network name, and it's pretty intimidating bc yours is so good." —Laird

"Oh, muffins are tasty?" —Hannah

"Uh, no, I liked it when it was Madame Ovaries." —Laird 

"I love when young people are passionate about something, and then they just give up the second they have to struggle." —Booth

"This is not going to be a night driving of around in your mom's Volvo with a bottle of cough syrup and a box of cold McNuggets." —Elijah 

"It's inspired by a girl I went to middle school with who fucked both her uncle and her stepdad. It's called power clashing." —Elijah, on Hannah's outfit for the evening 

"Just leave your fucking mark, Hannah." —Elijah

"In urine?" —Hannah

"I fucked Marnie. At first I really regretted that it happened, but then I realized that if that's what it took for me to accept myself, then as Rizzo says in 'Grease,' there are worse things I could do." —Elijah 

"GOD I love coke, it's like a fucking therapy session!" —Elijah 

"...Marnie's mouth tasted like non-petroleum lip balm and Trident Layers, and for whatever reason, that was a real turn-on for me." —Elijah