"When a Fire Starts to Burn" by Disclosure

During Disclosure's early evening set at Lollapalooza 2013, British brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence paused to pay tribute to house music--a genre with deep Chicago roots that heavily informs the pair's celebrated full-length debut, “Settle.”
“Chicago, home of house music!” they cheered. “We love Chicago and everything its music has done for us!”
It's a point Guy, 22, reiterated in a recent phone interview, saying, “Basically, all my musical heroes are from [Chicago].”
“We've been there a couple times and it's always been great,” he continued. “I'm glad we're doing the after party at the Mid this time because I don't think we've actually done a [strict] DJ set in Chicago, and it'll be good to play some house records rather than just all of our own stuff.”
Additionally, the musician opened up about the pair's “feud” with rapper Azealia Banks, the first time he heard one of Disclosure’s songs on the radio and the local rapper who recently caught his ear.
With a band name like Disclosure, how good are you at keeping a secret?
[Laughs] Do you have a test lined up?
I wish I did now, but I was really just asking.
I don't think I'm very good. I don't have many secrets to keep.
That's usually a good sign for an interview. Your record label PMR Records recently removed the video for “Help Me Lose My Mind” from YouTube about an hour after it posted over concerns it glamorized drug use. What was your reaction to the series of events?