Chris Pine...Hollywood's latest hunk with a capital H
Do you recognize this long-haired dude?

Like many of the other skeptics out there, I was really frightened about what Hollywood was doing going retro happy with this new Star Trek production. Could this franchise really be re-launched? But that's of no matter here.

What's really on my mind is who the heck is this new guy on the block -- Chris Pine? Surely with such a big production, there'd be somebody at the helm as James Tiberius Kirk that would be at least a wee bit familiar.

But no.

Each time I'd see a publicity shot from the new Star Trek, I'd strain to see who this guy was.

Then, one day, I was thumbing through EW or something like that and saw this new James T. Kirk again. Thankfully, there was some copy about him, too. I began reading immediately.

Then I fell out of my movie theater seat.

Chris Pine was the son in Bottle Shock. OMG!!!

To refresh your memory, Bottle Shock was a Sundance favorite from 2008 that was released in Dallas last summer. I caught it since I'm a die hard (pun intended) Alan Rickman fan and also thought the story just sounded cool. (It was a recreation and backstory of the 1977 wine tasting in France that landed the Napa wine country on the international map AND schooled the French on how to make a perfect Chardonnay.) The movie has its flaws, but is definitely worth a viewing.

In Bottle Shock, Bill Pullman is a quixotic wine-maker who bets his life savings on creating a perfect glass of Chardonnay. He's a conflicted character and has a complicated relationship with his n'er-do-well son, played by Chris Pine.

I remembered Pine because he was new to me in the Bottle Shock, but also because he fit the role so perfectly.

As you can see from this Bottle Shock picture, not in a million years could I have placed "the son" from Bottle Shock as the new James T. Kirk.

But it works and well done. I look forward to seeing what this guy does next.