Farewell party at 'The Office' after 9 years

The network also has a cavalcade of comedies under review for the 2013-14 season — with as many multicamera formats as single-camera. "Office" alum are scattered throughout the roster — from writers to its stars.

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The comedy drawing the most buzz — and already earning a spot next season — is NBC's Michael J. Fox project, which is loosely based on the former "Family Ties" star's own life and experience dealing with Parkinson's disease.

Daniels has two pilots in the works at NBC for the fall, serving as a producer — a responsibility he acknowledged was getting shortsighted by his focus on "The Office's" swan song. He had originally wanted to pass off the final season's showrunner duties to Merchant, but Daniels ultimately took the reins.

"I couldn't not come back," Daniels said a few months later, once filming had wrapped. "This was my life. And it's weird, because I feel like I'm back in Season 2, where every episode matters. Where you're looking for reaction."

Daniels "carded out" the final episode while on a family trip to Hawaii. He took all his "final episode" notes with him, a huge pile he had contributed to over the years.

He was now editing down the last episode. And the anxiety had set in.

"I want to make an event out of this goodbye," he said. "I want it to feel satisfying. I want it to be memorable, you know?'"

That's what she said.