The fall TV season is here, and between the many options delivered by premium cable channels, multiple streaming services and a new slate of shows from the major networks, there’s a lot of programming to choose from. If you were hoping that that "Peak TV" bubble was going to burst anytime soon, allowing you a moment to do something other than watch television, you can disabuse yourself of that notion tout de suite. It's TV all the time now, and like the Hydra of legend, every show that's canceled seems to sprout three in its place. Worse luck, many are excellent — so you’re sunk. Here, we run down what to watch this season as they debut weekly.

'Man With a Plan' and 'The Great Indoors' debut the week of Oct. 23

Matt LeBlanc is a "Man With A Plan." The series premieres Oct. 24. (Darren Michaels / CBS)
Matt LeBlanc is a "Man With A Plan." The series premieres Oct. 24. (Darren Michaels / CBS)

TV highlights for 10/23 - 10/29: 

“Man With a Plan” (CBS 8:30 p.m. Monday) 

Matt LeBlanc, your friend from “Friends,” stars in the first comedy ever to consider what happens when a man takes care of the kids. Liza Snyder is the wife going back to work. Children there are three.

“The Great Indoors” (CBS, 8:30 p.m. Thursday) 

Multicamera generational comedy with Joel McHale, 44, as a globe-trotting journalist put in charge of his magazine's millennial Web jockeys – welcome to publishing 2016. Sniping, grumbling, mutual respect ensue. With Stephen Fry as the boss. Stick around for the bear cub.

"Pure Genius" (CBS 10 p.m. Thursday).

Augustus Prew is the brilliant but troubled tech guru whose quirky team of red-tape-averse doctors and engineers have built the hospital of tomorrow today; Dermot Mulroney is the man he wants to run it. Jason Katims ("Parenthood") lurks behind this wish fulfillment.

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